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Customer Testimonials

The cooperation and assistance provided by Dinallo and Wittrup before and during the home building process has earned raves from a long list of satisfied and grateful homeowners.

Worked with Rick when we started building our house in 2011. He is very thorough, helps you with your design, will help you with your selections. He is very easy to be reached, very accomodating as well. We had so many customs to follow as per Hindu customs and he was very understanding. Two years later we went ahead with Rick and his team to get our basement done. Couldn't trust my home with any one else. Needless to say, they did a fantastic job and we are very happy to have worked with Dinallo and Wittrup homes.

-Smitha & Suresh

My wife and I were excited about building our own home but also very nervous, thankfully Dinallo and Wittrup builders are very professional and made the home building process a really fun and exciting time for us.

They've built many homes over the past 30 years in the greater Chagrin area so we were able to drive around and see the quality work they've done as well as get an idea for the style of home we wanted to build.

Trying to design a blueprint from scratch can be quite daunting, luckily D&W have a large collection of blueprints that we were able to use as a guide and starting point in designing our dream home. This helps to cut down on the cost of designing a home from scratch and allows you to put more money into the actual home.

"With Dinallo & Wittrup my wife and I feel we truly have a high quality home that we and our children will enjoy for many years to come."

Rick, Johnny, Toni, Neil and the rest of the team at D&W were all very friendly and insightful as they each helped us with different facets of our building process.Rick guided us through the entire home building process from A to Z, with his knowledge and experience over the years he was able to answer even the toughest questions. Johnny was great to rely on for the technical questions and is very handy often completing tasks or fixing issues that come up at the building site. Toni made dealing with all the paperwork and administrative details a joy with her positive attitude and genuinely nice personality, Thanks! Neil was a great resource to get a second opinion on things and he provided some solid guidance on issues the came up during the build. I also appreciate the help from the rest of the team, from taking all my phone calls and keeping the house cleaned up.

D&W provided resources for everything, from where to buy flooring, pick out lights, siding, roof shingles, stone, appliances, faucets, etc…but they were flexible in allowing us to select and buy items from different placing including internet retailers which gave us access to a greater selection of items to further customize our home, but also enable us to get the best pricing on things such as tile, lighting, appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

D&W builds an upscale luxury home, but very affordable. We spoke with many local builders in the Chagrin area and we felt D&W could get us the size home we really wanted and fit our budget, and they absolutely delivered. With D&W my wife and I feel we truly have a high quality home that we and our children will enjoy for many years to come.

Thanks everyone, we love our home!

-Jeff Ringness

I would like to thank you, Rick and all of your staff for all the help you gave me in the process of building my new home. Everyone was really kind and professional and the quality of your work was excellent. Thank you Rick especially for changing my stonework. I don’t know if another builder would have done that. God Bless you Rick and all of your employees with good health, happiness, and plenty of work.

-JoAnne Scaminace

Michael and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful job you and “your crews” have done! The ENTIRE process from start to finish, and from downstairs to upstairs has gone without a hitch. We couldn’t be more pleased with EVERYTHING. While it seems a bit unconventional to get you a gift for doing a job that we paid for, we can't stop raving at how wonderful a process it has been. You guys are the BEST. We are so proud of our home and we are especially proud of the work and detail that has taken place at the hands of Dinallo and Wittrup Homes.

Thank you for all of your attention and patience, and especially the quality of workmanship that you made happen. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and will ALWAYS be proud of your quality of work.

-Gayle and Michael